As seems to be happening to an increasing number of people, I have been evangelized by James Peters and company over at Pavedwave into building a longboard optimized for pumping (where you use a surfing motion to propel the board, rather than pushing off with your back foot.) As a father and an old fart, I can’t get much joy out of aggressive hill-bombing or sharing the road with cars, so surfing bike trails sounded just about perfect.

My RoeRacing Mermaid LDP deck arrived the other day in a giant flat cardboard envelope, and I bolted on some Carver CX trucks and some giant sticky 3dm Avila wheels and went out to give it a try.

I spent the whole session howling with laughter (which was probably creepy to watch, given that I was all alone,) but I’ve got the thing self-propelling (slowly) up and down small hills, and I can surf parking lots without ever putting a foot down. It will be a long time before I’m logging respectable mile times, but who cares!

2 thoughts on “LDP

  1. Jim

    How long did it take for Roe to build and ship your Mermaid? I ordered mine three weeks ago. I figured it would take a few weeks, but I have had not contact with them. They do not answer emails.

  2. Fritz Bogott Post author

    It took eight or nine weeks. I agree they don’t answer e-mails. I eventually started to think Gareth had maybe just pocketed the money, so I asked James to pester Gareth in person. The pestering didn’t speed anything up but convinced me I wasn’t being swindled. Probably in response to my pestering, James put a disclaimer on his site (http://home.comcast.net/~jampet99/rides/gear01.html) that says, “It does take a while for a Roe to be built and shipped, as they’re built to order, so allow several months. But when it arrives, you’ll know why.”

    The deck IS a work of art…


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